SarahAnn Schweitzer

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Sarah Schweitzer

SarahAnn is a 3rd generation psychic, multi-dimensional healer, ascension channel, etheric laser surgeon, Light & Energy Master, author, instructor, and your “go-to” for all Lightbody Ascension Sessions. Among her many certifications and degrees which also include being a long-standing member of the Universal Holistic Healers Association and a licensed minister with New Awareness Ministries International; she has a Masters in Adult Education, Curriculum Design & Instructional Development, a Doctorate in Metaphysics, and a Doctorate in Spiritual Psychology & Counseling,. She is the author of Your Guardian Angels, Soul Identification and other Goodies, The Chakra Energy System, and The Aura.

Adult Education Enrichment classes allows SarahAnn to share her gift of clairvoyance, psychic, channeling, healing, spiritual wisdom and guidance in every class session that she teaches. She offers a wide range of informational based classes as well as “hands on” learning skills such as tea leaf readings.  Most psychic or healing classes include a mini reading, or a connection to your deceased loved ones,  your guardian angels, or your healing team of angels.  No two classes are ever quite the same!